Axvolt is a story of passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence.It all began 35 years ago when Mr. Ishwar Patel saw the need for reliable stabilizers to protect electronic appliances from power fluctuations.

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Axvolt 25 KVA Three phase copper servo Voltage Stabilizer

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    Brand                                       Axvolt

    Capacity & KVA Rating       25 KVA                                                                                                        (Available from 10 KVA TO 2000 KVA)

    Input voltage range               340 to 480/ 300 to 500/ 240 to 480 v AC 

    Output Voltage                       415+_1%

    Rate of correction                  Upto 100v per second

    Response Time                       10m sec

    Efficiency                                95%

    Line Frequency                      47 to 60 Hz

    Protection                               High-low voltage cutoff, Overload                                                           protection by contactor                                                                             & short circuit Protection                                                   

    Cooling                                  Air cooled


Safety and Reliability 】High-Low voltage cutoff by contactor, Overload Protection , Short circuit Protection , Bypass Switch

【 Efficiency】Using high grade laminations and elecrolytic grade copper wires which gain efficiency of more than 98%

【 Dispaly Module】Fully programmable large LCD display withbacklight shows input voltage , Output voltage and currant of all three phase seperately.

【 Front Panel control 】Auto / Manual Facility of Operation

【 Standard 】ISO:9001:2015

【 Mobility 】Ruggedized construction , castor mounted for easy movement.

【 Customisation】Custom based specification & design available as per requirement.


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