Axvolt is a story of passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence.It all began 35 years ago when Mr. Ishwar Patel saw the need for reliable stabilizers to protect electronic appliances from power fluctuations.

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AXVOLT 5 KVA Digital Four Step (4 Relay) Booster Voltage Stabilizer for AC Up to 2.0 Ton

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    Brand                                          AXVOLT

    Input Voltage                              150 V to 300 V

    Output Voltage                           200 V to 240 V

    Capacity                                      12 Amperes


[Features]: Surge Protection, Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS) for ensuring proper safety net for your appliances, Metal Cabinet with Wall Mounting Facility, Advanced Micro-Controller based Design for better input voltage correction, Built-in Thermal Overload Protection for preventing appliance burn out, EMI Filter Enabled for suppressing electro magnetic waves & safeguards connected devices, Fail Safe Circuit Design, Low & High Voltage Cut-off .Microprocessor based control

[Wide input voltage Range] Input voltage working range 150 V to 300 V

[Application]: washing machine or dish washer or trademill or Inverter Air conditioner up to 2 ton or zerox machine, Capacity: 12 A , wall mount

[Digital Display]: 3-Digit Seven Segment Indicator digital display shows input voltage , Output voltage and count down of smart time delay.

[Warranty]: 1+1 year extended = 2 Years total Replacement Warranty.

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