Axvolt is a story of passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence.It all began 35 years ago when Mr. Ishwar Patel saw the need for reliable stabilizers to protect electronic appliances from power fluctuations.

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AXVOLT Grid 1 KVA Digital Voltage Corrector for Double Door Fridge up to 800 Liter

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₹ 2500

    Brand                                             AXVOLT

    Input Voltage                              160 V to 290 V

    Output Voltage                           200 V to 240 V

    Dimensions (LxWxH)                17 X 18 X 12 centimetres

    Weight                                            2 kg 500 grams



✪ Microprocessor based controlled Digital Voltage stabilizer for fridge/deep fridge has been designed to protect your fridge from voltage fluctuations and give precisely output voltage.

✪ The digital voltage stabilizer comes with a built in High-Low Voltage cutoff & Smart time delay with overload protection feature that keeps your fridge / deep fridge safe.

✪ This Digital stabilizer comes with elegant digital display shows input voltage, output voltage and smart time delay countdown timer.

✪ This Grey color digital stabilizer makes an attractive and functional addition when installed with fridge / deep fridge.

✪ Stabilizer has a compact and elegant design and can be conveniently mounted on floor.

✪ You can go on with your daily routine peacefully and rely on the Voltage Stabilizer to keep your fridge safe from uncertainties of power outages and fluctuations.


✪ It is nice in design and color.

✪compatible with double door fridge up to 800 liter OR Deep fridge up to 400 liter.

✪ It safe your fridge / deep fridge from high and low voltage damage.

✪ It will also boost the life of your fridge / deep fridge.

✪ This is space saving fit in a small space.

✪ This is power saving device also.

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